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My blog posts are inspired by my daily living. I don't write to sell, I write to heal and calm myself. I have always enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember! It's a true passion!

Of course there is a small entrepreneur hidden inside of me. However, I don't ever want to push someone into promoting or purchasing anything they don't strongly believe in themselves!! My focus is to make people happy because after all, happiness can make a person live longer. If I can help make you feel good than I am happy myself!!!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do I have any readers???

Hello all of my friends and possible readers. Sorry I have been away for a while, I have been sick and busy with work. 


I just wanted to see if I have any readers though, my Story Telling Sunday is going to be a big time consumer, but TOTALLY worth it if I have readers that are interested.


So if you read my blog regularly, please leave a comment and introduce yourself, I would love to get to know my readers. Who are you? what do you do? Why do you read my blog? Do you enjoy my themed blogs for certain days of the week? Are you looking forward to my Story Telling Sundays? Once I know I have some actual followers, I will get back on track with Story Telling Sunday!