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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Talk to Females: Launch Day :)

Go check this out now!

Hey guys,
Remember my friend Stephan I was telling you about a few days ago?

The guy who told me he will spill the beans on some of his favourite "under the radar" tools to "attract women with words"? He has just put up his first video on his"Pimp Your Lingo " blog in which he rips apart what he calls the "3 Biggest Myths About Talking To Women"

Go here now watch the video (he's going to explain exactly what you can expect) and then to the blog:

Steven's Blog

Yes you need to sign in with your email because he will share a lot more conversation secrets over the next weeks so he wants to be able to tell you when, makes sense?

Anyway...I've seen just some of what he's sharing and it's dynamite!

Go here now


PS: If you're still not sure whether "conversation skills" matter…just watching the "3 Myths Video" will be an eye opener!

+Tommy Adkins, this is what you have been waiting for buddy. :) Enjoy!!