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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Success from the Juice Fast

Well, once again, I have been slacking on my blog posts. After 10 days of our fast life started getting extremely busy. We have been short handed at my job which has meant overtime. But mostly the juicing was starting to give me a lot of extra energy I needed to release, so instead of blogging on my lunch breaks, I began using the company gym to work out. I cannot tell you how exhilarating it feels to move my body and get back into shape.

Anyways, I believe I forgot to give my most recent measurements the past couple of Saturdays, so here they are;

Here is Saturday May 25th weigh in results. This is 14 days of fasting! 

Today's Measurements:
Weight: 147.2
Waist: 35.5"
Hips: 41"
Bust: 38.5"
Thigh: 23"
Upper Arm: 13"

Here is Saturday June 1st weigh in results. This is 21 days of fasting! 

Today's Measurements:
Weight: 144.8
Waist: 35.5"
Hips: 41"
Bust: 38"
Thigh: 22.5"
Upper Arm: 12.5"

We decided to end our fast after 23 days of Juicing for a few reasons. But we couldn't be happier with our results and how great we now feel. Being on the fast really made us appreciate food on a whole new level. I crave food that is rich in nutrients and cannot even fathom eating or drinking something that is loaded with artificial sugar, flavor, and preservatives. I have decided that I would like to do a 10 day fast every 3 months to do a good cleanse and reboot my body.

We are now on our 3rd day of eating solid foods again. Knowing our bodies are going to be a little sensitive we have stuck to natural and raw fruits and vegetables so far. We will be introducing meat and dairy later in our week. One thing I have noticed is I cannot even try to eat as much as I use to be able to. It appears our stomachs have shrunk and we now have to cut our old serving sizes in more than half of what they use to be. We are doing our best to eat 5 small meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2 small nutritious snacks. Plus lots of water of course. I made a huge fruit salad the other night and we are practically living off of that right now along with some greens for lunch and some veggies for snacks.

Now that I am eating again, my workouts are being cut short, so instead of 40 minutes 5 times a week I will probably be doing 25-30 minutes 6 times a week. I have been working on a lot of cardio, but strength building is just as important. So 2 days will go to working on building lean muscle. Since muscle burns more calories.

Being healthy is not a choice, it's not a temporary fix to a problem, it is a Lifestyle. Once I reach my weight goal, I will continue to eat healthy and work out. The only difference will be I will get to relax just a little more than I will allow myself to right now.

Before this juice fast I would have given up on all of this after the first 2 weeks, like I always do. But by doing that reboot it really made me aware of my body and how I could feel so great. After being so good to my body, why on Earth would I want to turn around and junk it again?

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