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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 22 of the 9 Week Fitness Challenge

Hi Friends,

I know it's been a quick minute (once again) since I have made a post. I swear I am the worst blogger ever. Sorry life just always finds a way to make me so busy. Plus with this fitness challenge (which I am LOVING  by the way) I have been using any free time I do have left to work on making myself healthier and stronger.

So far I feel great. I have tons of energy and feel much stronger and happier. The best reward I get from this will be a better and healthier lifestyle. I have been learning so many different ways to work out all the different muscle groups in the body and believe me there are many! The best part of my work out is knocking out 100 calories before my strength training. It's best to aim for burning 100 calories in 5 minutes, but it's pretty difficult and will take time to get there, so far I am at 100 calories in 7 minutes by doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This is the BEST way to shed fat because you are making your heart work, releasing fatty acids into your bloodstream, and increasing your HGH (human growth hormone) levels (a hormone which burns fat). 

HIIT is doing several reps of anything that shoots up your heart rate for a small amount of time and then lowering it for a small amount of time. For example, on the treadmill you can start off with 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 30 seconds of walking for a total of 8-10 reps. 

There are 10 benefits to doing HIIT rather than regular cardio workouts.
  1. It's more effecient; You will burn more calories and shed more fat doing a HIIT program.
  2. It takes less time to achieve success; you can achieve more results in 10-15 minutes of HIIT than you can in 30-60 minutes of regular cardio
  3.  You burn more fat; Intense intervals allow your body to release fatty acids into your bloodstream to be absorbed, increase HGH levels which preserves muscle and burns fat, and your body remains in fat burning mode for a long period of time after you work out.
  4. You lose fat, not muscle; Doing HIIT allows your body to focus on fat loss while preserving your muscles (again because it increases HGH levels in your body), and in fact it even allows you to strengthen your muscles by putting less stress on them but giving them a good work out
  5. Increase your metabolism; By increasing your HGH levels your body kicks into full calorie burning mode that can last for several hours after a work out 
  6. A healthier heart; HIIT trains your heart and makes it stronger before you know it activities that made you short-winded and that feeling of your heart wanting to jump out of your chest will be decreased
  7. You can do HIIT anywhere; You can do it at home, work, on a boat; you don't need a gym to use HIIT because all it requires is any activity that makes your heart rate increase for several seconds and then decrease for several seconds. Some examples are jogging or sprinting and then walking, jump roping and then march in place, riding a bike as fast as you can and then cruising. There are endless possibilities.
  8. You don't need any equipment; Again, you don't need a gym because there are several ways to do HIIT that can be done without machines.
  9. Less stressful on your body; Regular cardio releases a high level of a hormone called Cortisol which not only puts your body into fat storage mode, but also has to do with building visceral fat that has a direct link to increasing inflammation. Doing HIIT doesn't give your body a chance to release Cortisol.
  10. Challenging; You will be feeling the burn, out of breath, and always feel on the move because the bursts are so short....but you won't be bored and will be getting results!

Doing HIIT is better than trying to kill yourself with long intense cardio because you can burn more calories with less stress to your body in a short amount of time. Doing 45 minutes of regular intense cardio is more stressful on your body than it is beneficial.  

Wonder why you aren't seeing results when you do cardio 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes at a time? 

Read this article for more information;
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