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My blog posts are inspired by my daily living. I don't write to sell, I write to heal and calm myself. I have always enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember! It's a true passion!

Of course there is a small entrepreneur hidden inside of me. However, I don't ever want to push someone into promoting or purchasing anything they don't strongly believe in themselves!! My focus is to make people happy because after all, happiness can make a person live longer. If I can help make you feel good than I am happy myself!!!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Stop clicking your life away! Join a program that makes money WITHOUT needing a downline!! Make REAL Money Online!!

Hello, my name is Rachel (as most of you may know). About a year ago I was laid off by a job that was supposed to be in business forever. I was devastated and to top it off my b/f of 2 years left me leaving me with all the bills and house to pay for.

Desperate to find a way to make some quick money, I began looking into online business. Unfortunately though, all I found were companies that made empty promises of big money while emptying out my bank account. What they failed to mention is that only about 1% can actually make money using their programs and those are people who already have huge mailing lists and marketing skills. Sure, I may have made pennies here and there for reading e-mails or whatnot…but pennies don’t pay the bills!!

In all honesty, I gave up!!! I was tired of clicking my life away trying to earn free credits on free credit earning advertising sites just to promote affiliate type businesses that just DID NOT work! I wasn’t making ANY money! What a waste of my time!

You are probably wondering, why is she promoting a business as an affiliate right now, if she just got done telling me none of them worked?

Well I will gladly tell you! You see I had given up on trying to make it big online and got myself a regular job, but still was barely able to afford anything besides my monthly bills. A friend of mine kept talking about this amazing program and how he was making real money, and although he was a friend, all I could think was, “yeah right!”

One day I decided to humor him and go to an online webinar to see what all his hype was about. Going in, of course I was very skeptical. But when I found out that bringing people to the program was not the MAIN way to make money, in fact, it isn’t even necessary at ALL, because the product we are being offered is a training on how to make money using eBay and Amazon, I began to listen a little bit closer.

Now, I promised myself I wouldn’t write a super long message that many of you probably aren’t even going to read anyways or if you are may lose your attention because it's too lengthy!! But I also wanted to create a message that came from my actual heart and my actual story, not just some marketing pitch that I copy and paste from my upline.

So I am going to make the rest of this message as quick and honest as I can before I really lose you!!

I began this program the day after Christmas 2013. I made my first REAL sale for REAL money within 12 hours, and have made on average 2 a day since. I have made hundreds (yes hundreds, not pennies) of REAL money since I began this program, and that is just the start of it!!!

I was doing so good at the selling on eBay side of the program, that I decided to join the affiliate side as well because I knew I found a program that works!! When you have a program that works, that you are actually making real money with, and you are actually excited about, it is so easy to get people to want what you have and to end up bringing people to the program you are so excited about!

So if you want a program that has two sides; a side where getting a downline isn’t necessary only needing the skill of learning our copy and paste methods to make money with eBay using sources such as Amazon; and a different side for those who do enjoy promoting and being an affiliate, then this program is for you!!

The best news too, is the training that will get you selling and making real money in as little as 24 hours (success varies by person) will only cost you $19.99 a month!!! Cheap right!! You will get a phenomenal training platform, weekly live training calls, a support desk that our trainer (who has over 8 years experience selling on eBay) will personally answer any of your questions at, and software that will get you even more sales! PLUS…when you join the team I am on, you will also get a second FREE training platform and blog as well as a private FB group (a family) which will offer you unlimited support and encouragement throughout your money making journey!! No one is left behind in our group, NO ONE!

Most of the companies I had joined were never less than $50 and NEVER made me any real money!! I know I have finally found the right program for me that is making me real green dollars daily!!! Are you ready for your success??? Below is a link to a quick 10 minute introductory video to explain what we do to make money a little more closely. Underneath this video are REAL testimonials made by people on my team!!

Click HERE to start your online success story!!!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have as well!!!

Stay tuned for a link to my DS Domination business blog coming soon!!